Xinran Hu

Works / Portfolio

Poster Design

  • Thousands of Years of Time and Space

    4-in-1 poster for Beijing 2008 Olympics

  • Poster for Three Exhibitions

    Stephen Pace and the Figure; National Invitational Postcard Exhibit...

  • USI Art Faculty Exhibition

    USI Art Faculty Exhibition and James Parrent Memorial Exhibit

  • China Trip Poster

    Student and Faculty China Trip

  • A Journey Into History

    A Lecture by Judy Chicago

  • Public Art - An Energizing Intervention

    A Lecture by John David Mooney

Interaction Design

  • Info-Browser

    An Interactive Art Installation for my Pattern Designs

  • Bird Conservation

    Interactive Art Installation Designed to Provoke Awareness of Bird Conservation...

  • Discover Chinese

    An iOS App for Learning Chinese

Visual Identity


    The Central Association of College and University Business Officers (CACUBO) 2001 Minneapolis Annual Meeting

  • eBook

    An Exhibition: Book Off The Shelf And On-line

  • Golden Flower

    The Traditional Chinese Medicine Golden Flower

  • Evansville Literacy Center

    From Here, You Can Fly

  • The Art Council of SouthWestern Indiana

    Using a bold letter A to symbolize the different arts represented by the Art Council and...

  • Vickers Photography

    Using lenses and timer to symbolize that Vickers Photography catches precious moments

  • Connect with Southern Indiana

Publication Design

  • An Old Form with a New Perspective

    Gestalt Theory in the Art of Chinese Cut-Paper

  • Clearcrest Pines Golf Course

    Booklet Design for Clearcrest Pines Golf Course

  • Running Joys

    Booklet Design for Running Joys

Pattern Design

  • Pattern Design

    Pattern Design from Ancient Emperors for Modern Women...